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This is an excellent recollection from 1st Lieutenant Jack Trowbridge about the Roswell incident.  He was a pilot and intelligence officer who was stationed with Major Jesse Marcel on the base near the crash site.

While the group of base Intelligence Officers were playing Bridge at Marcel’s home, Major Marcel was out picking up debris from the crash field.  He brought it to the group before word got out and cover up orders came down.

Trowbridge was among the few who examined the actual debris.  He said the material looked like aluminum. aircraft skin and girders. There were also images that looked like heiroglyphs and not recognizable.

He handled the material. It was strange, but similar to aluminum. “It looked like a Hershey’s bar wrapping”, he said. When you squeezed it into a ball, though, it would return to its original shape instantly.

The next day the debris was brought into the Intelligence Office. Later that day everyone was told that the incident did not happen and must be kept secret..

Next, Major Marcel was ordered to Fort Worth to lie to the press about the crash debris. He was given a weather balloon to present as the phony crash debris.  Jack Trowbridge said that the Major was not comfortable lying, but orders are orders from on high in the military.

These higher officials said that the public would panic. This would not have happened of course, but is is the usual excuse given by higher ups to justify the cover up in these UFO cases.  The secret black projects and iron grip of public control are always the real reasons.

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